The Ancient Experiment!

24 September 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Your archivist has been trying for months to solve the mysteries of a lost civilization that once flourished amid the endless sands. However, their writings are extremely difficult to decipher, and it is even harder to understand the secrets encrypted with allegories.

The archivist had already lost his hope of solving these riddles, but by a fortunate coincidence, the Hero Anubis entered the Lord's service, a native of the lost region who had been at the bridge between life and death. The scientist rushed to ask the Hero for help in understanding the secrets encoded in the papyri. Anubis then explained that the scrolls brought by the archivist have information about resurrection rituals, but this is only a small part of it. Seeing the scientist's desire to learn the secret knowledge, the Hero decided to help if, of course, he was provided with more ancient papyri.

Meet the new talents subset, Riddles of the Pyramids!

The Ancient Experiment!

Our new event works just like the similar ones in the past — Gitana's Swiftness, Agreement with Leshy, Fortunate Moment, etc.

From today and till 12 p.m. (UTC +3) October 12th, battle rewards will contain Papyri. Anubis needs them to get more information and conduct an experiment with the archivist, after which you may receive relics of the lost civilization. As in the previous events, the number of trophies depends on your valor in battle: the more achievement points you score, the more likely you are to get Papyri.

Active Golden Age doubles both the number of exclusive rewards and the chances of getting them. You can check how many Papyri you have obtained in the full-screen UI in the Events tub.


The Secrets of the Pyramids event is divided into two parts:

  1. Collect 20 Papyri and exchange them for one of the following rewards:
  • 5/10 Prime Crystals
  • 3/5 Legendary Crystals
  • 30/40 Crystal Shards
  • Riddles of the Pyramids talent
  • Riddle of the Sage talent
  • Riddle of the Escapee talent
  • Riddle of the Craftsman talent
  • Riddle of the Trickster talent
  1. The second part is familiar too — collect 40 Papyri and one talent and try your luck in winning the super prizes. 

Just like in one of the previous events, you can also win valuable entities — abrasives and catalysts!

  • Medium-quality abrasive that upgrades a talent to 6 Stars.
  • High-quality abrasive that upgrades a talent to 7 Stars.
  • Weak catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 5%.
  • Basic catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 10%.
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Riddles of the Pyramids subset upgraded to 7 Stars.
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Riddles of the Pyramids subset upgraded to 6 Stars.
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Riddles of the Pyramids subset.
  • Chest with Prime Crystals (from 50 to 70 Crystals).
  • Chest with Legendary Crystals (from 30 to 50 Crystals).

Collection of 40 Papyri.

Are you ready to solve the riddles of the Pyramids?

Always yours,
Prime World Team