Black Friday Chests at the Fair!

21 September 2020

Lords and Ladies!

The primologist who was researching the phenomenon of Prime Call found out that the bursts of activity of this mysterious source are directly related to the emotional state of the Heroes, but it also affects them to some extent.

After publishing his research, the scientist could not even imagine that his work would be used by merchants who began to placate the Heroes in every possible way with all sorts of discounts and special offers, thereby increasing the price of their goods!

Black Friday Chests at the Fair!

For the whole week, until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) September 28, you can buy mysterious Black Friday chests!


Here is a reminder of the contents of one Black Friday chest:

  • 5 legendary talents, upgraded to 6-10 stars, one of which is guaranteed to have 8 or more stars!
  • 2 exclusive talents, upgraded to 6-10 stars.
  • And Legendary Crystals, Prime Crystals, various resources as well as Silver!

Take advantage of our special offer!

Always yours,
Prime World Team