The Defenders Have Arrived!

10 September 2020

Lords and Ladies!

The well-known in Praya Defenders team has arrived at your castle. They are the ones who fight the most dangerous manifestations of Prime and fight for the treasures of the ancient empire. But what has brought them to your stronghold?

After a lavish reception, which you hastily organized, Imir, the Defenders' founder, told you that during a clearing operation in the ruins of the ancient gods' temple, they came across ancient treatises. After analyzing them, the Defenders learned about the existence of several ancient research centers, where, according to the data obtained, scientists were studying Prime long before the Cataclysm. It is risky to go to such an unknown place with a small team, so they decided to ask the Lords for their Heroes' help.

To prepare for such an expedition, you need to think carefully about everything, upgrade the equipment, and strengthen the ties of trust between the Defenders and Heroes.

The Defenders Have Arrived!

Get your Heroes ready in a new big quest until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) September 28 and receive rich rewards.



  Get 1,500 achievement points in the Borderlands 2 Black Friday Chests
  Kill 1,500 units of the Touched in the Borderlands 2 Top-quality abrasives to upgrade a talent by 1 Star but not higher than 8 Stars
  Assist 150 times in the Borderlands 2 Enchanted abrasives to upgrade a talent by 1 Star but not higher than 9 Stars
  Get 1,000,000 Prime in the Borderlands 1 Unique abrasive to upgrade a talent by 1 Star but not higher than 10 Stars
    5 white runes


  • This is a single quest, not a quest chain. To get the rewards, you must complete all tasks.
  • However, in one battle, you can do several things at once: collect 20,000 Prime, get 100 achievement points, kill 80 units of the Touched. All of the above will get into the quest progress.
  • Besides, if you are in the process of completing a quest and decide to switch to another game client, the quest progress will be reset to zero.

Always yours,
Prime World Team