Blessed Chests on the Fair Shelves

10 August 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Seeing how the Heroes are trying to drive Mimi's sadness away, the merchants decided not to stand aside and put the Blessed Chests on the shelves because there is no better way to cheer up than a good shopping.

The tradesmen want Mimi to be mischievous and playful again, so they have left only the most valuable 8-10-Star talents in the Blessed Chests!

Blessed Chests with Talents of 8 Stars and Above at the Fair!

Until 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) August 17, look for especially valuable Blessed Chests on the Fair shelves!


All week once you open these chests, you will get 8-10-Star talents!

Reminder: one Blessed Chest costs from 200 to 250 Prime Crystals.

Don't miss the Blessed Time!

Always yours,
Prime World Team