The Best Warrior

20 July 2020

Lords and Ladies!

You have received a letter proposing you to send your Hero to participate in a duel for valuable rewards.

The choice was not an easy one because there were so many talented and seasoned warriors. First, you need to test them in the Borderlands where they will reach their full potential, and then choose the strongest one!

The Best Warrior!

Complete the quest before 12:00 p.m. (UTC +3) August 3 to get valuable rewards: Season chests, abrasives, and catalysts!




  Kill 30 Kittons or Fire Drakes in the Borderlands (but not more than 2 per battle) 2 Season chests

Collect 750,000 Prime in the Borderlands

3 Universal catalysts increasing a chance to upgrade talents by 20%

Do 400,000 Damage to the Heroes in the Borderlands

2 Top-quality abrasives for increasing a talent by 1 Star but not higher than 8 Stars



Enchanted abrasive for increasing a talent by 1 Star but not higher than 9 Stars


  • This is a single quest, not a quest chain.
  • To receive rewards, you must complete all tasks. However, in one battle, you can do several things at once: collect 20,000 Prime, inflict 10,000 damage to Heroes, kill 2 Kittons or Fire Drakes. All of the above will get into the quest progress.
  • Besides, if you are in the process of completing a quest and decide to switch to another game client, the quest progress will be reset to zero.

Always yours,
Prime World Team