Double Event

10 July 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Shaman has already managed to spoil the mood of the inhabitants with his insidious ivies that he plants wherever he wants. Oh, what a wayward Hero has come to Praya!

Blacksmiths had no other choice but to take decisive action. For the whole weekend they give an opportunity to get a better deal on talents, so the Lords and Ladies could stock up on the most necessary and quickly hire Shaman.

Discounts for Unbinding Talents!

Only from 12:00 (UTC +3) July 10 to 12:00 (UTC +3) July 13 unbind Red talents of any level of honing with a discount up to 50%!

  Upgrade Level Old Price New Price
  1-5 Stars 5 3
  6 Stars 7 4
  7 Stars 10 5
  8 Stars 15 7
  9 Stars 20 10
  10 Stars 25 13

Increasing the Number of Simultaneous Quests in the Collection!

In order for you to take advantage of the updated Collection, which now gives you an opportunity to get a talent upgraded to 7 Stars, now we double the number of simultaneous quests until 12:00 (UTC +3) on July 13.


All weekend you may take up to 10 quests to create talents in the Collection at the same time.

Do not miss a great opportunity to update builds!

Always yours,
Prime World Team