The Embodiment of Prime

09 July 2020

A mysterious mask, signs and eyes burning with Prime... Shaman is full of Prime, and this may be the reason why the totems and plants summoned by him are so dangerous.

However, the Hero can use his powers not only to destroy his opponents, but to help his allies!




There are three ways of hiring Shaman, just like with all new Heroes:

  • Complete a 7-day quest chain and hire her for 750,000 Silver. The first task of the quest chain will open today, at 12 p.m. (UTC+3), and the last one will start April 9. Upon completing the last task, you will see a quest where you’ll be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • A usual way of hiring (purchase for Silver without completing the quest) will be available from April 16 for all players with the 25+ Castle level.
  • Also, you can hire Shaman right now for 299 Gold.

With the release of  the new Hero, Banshee’s price was reduced to 500,000 Silver or 199 Gold.

Please note!

  • The victories scored with the new Hero won’t be counted in the Talent Collection quests that you activated before the update.

Shaman's Talents

Death Magic

The Hero’s passive skill allows him to reduce the received magic damage for himself and the closest allies.

In addition, if the enemy dies, the Hero and his closest allies will restore a certain amount of Health.

Totem of Spirits

This is the Hero’s first active skill that summons a threatening totem to the battlefield that deals damage to all nearby enemies.

Afterlife Cold

This learned skill upgrade allows the totem to further reduce the speed of enemies.


Shaman’s second skill lets him teleport quickly over short distances.


Empowered by Ancestors

This skill upgrade doubles attacks of the Hero for some time after the jump.

Insidious Ivy

By using this skill, Shaman plants a seed at the indicated point, from which an ivy appears after some time. This plant reveals the area around it and does not allow the enemy who has stepped on it to hide.



This learned skill upgrade further lowers the Strength and Intellect of the enemy that walked right into the ivy’s arms.

Primal Rage

By using his first ultimate skill, Shaman makes three jumps, each dealing damage to the nearby enemies. In addition, when the ultimate is on, the Hero becomes immune to the control effects.


Crushing Bones

This skill improvement will also let Shaman stun the enemies.

Eerie Call

The second ulti can incapacitate even the most dangerous enemy... Or prevent them from dodging the attacks. Obeying the Call, the enemy will cease to attack, use their skills, and follow their Lord’s orders — and, as if they were spellbound, the enemy will go to Shaman.



This ultimate improvement will further reduce enemy’s Strength and Will.

Who is ready to look into the eyes of Shaman burning with Prime?

Always yours,
Prime World Team