What’s Going on at the Far Outpost?

03 July 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Strange things have been happening lately at the far outpost, on the very border of the Primezone.

The Innkeeper (a distant relative of our Kvasir) complains about icy draughts that he constantly feels even when not only are the windows closed, but the shutters as well. A lot of stocks got spoiled even though only this month the Rat Master has driven away all the rodents three times.

Only the merchant selling magic items chuckles in his mustache — in the morning in his shop one can often find skillful wooden handicrafts…

A New Hero!

Judging by the trail that the Fanatic managed to find, there is a new Hero who has come to the outpost. And if you look at the change in the prime activity in that area...

It seems that our Hero is a very mysterious person!

We didn’t have a chance to interrogate him — as the Shadow approached (and how could he have seen it?) the creature in a mask that covered his entire face quickly disappeared in the Mist. Only two days later, after studying lots of manuscripts, did the Fanatic understand who we had encountered...

And together we announce a traditional competition: the first 5 participants who have guessed the name of the Hero correctly will get him as a prize on the day of release!

Please, be aware that only the comments left in the comments section to this post will be taken into account.

Be creative and try your luck :)

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