Dead on Target

19 June 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Crack of a dry branch broke silence in the forest. The situation needed a decisive, yet careful approach. Holding her breath, Amazon was drawing a bow. Without any hesitation, without any miss, always dead on target! Now, she needs someone to help her bring the game to the Castle.

Dead on Target!

Until 12 p.m. UTC+3 June 29, complete a new quest and receive a variety of incredible rewards, including Black Friday chests, abrasives, Prime Crystals, and White Runes!




  Earn 3000 Achievement Points in the Borderlands 2 Black Friday chests

Kill 1500 creeps in the Borderlands

2 Top-Quality Abrasives to upgrade a talent by 1 star, up to 8 stars

Provide 150 assists in the Borderlands

Enchanted Abrasive to upgrade a talent by 1 star, up to 9 stars



50 Prime Crystals


5 White Runes


  • This is a single quest rather than a quest chain. Fulfill all the conditions to get the rewards.
  • You can complete several tasks during one battle: earn 100 Achievement Points, kill 30 creeps, provide 10 assists. All of them will be considered in the quest progress.
  • Moreover, if you change the game client during this quest, your progress will be lost.

Always yours,
Prime World Team