Season Chests on the Fair Shelves

08 June 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Cat’s unbridled curiosity allowed Witch to learn first some interesting news. She didn’t want to share it with anyone, but then she told it one of her girlfriends… and here it all started. I

n a few hours everyone in Praya knew that their favorite Season chests are coming to the Fair!

Season Chests at the Fair!

For a whole week, until 12.00 p.m. UTC+3 June 15, you can find Season chests on the Fair shelves!


Please note that talents in such chests are upgraded to 5-9 Stars. One of the talents is guaranteed to be upgraded to 8 or more stars! Also, among talents you can find those which belong to the latest collectible subsets.

Price of such a chest is 180-230 Prime Crystals!

Replenish your talent supplies!

Always yours,
Prime World Team