Fierce Raid

11 June 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Corsair has returned to Praya after several months of adventures. He brought new breathtaking stories and more!

He says that he will tell the most attentive listener about special treasures which he got hold of after a fierce raid on Dragon’s den.

Fierce Raid!

From 12.00 p.m. UTC+3 June 11 until 12.00 p.m. UTC+3 June 29 — participate in the new full-screen event — Fierce Raid — and collect a complete subset Way of Dragon, upgraded to 8 stars!


Apart from that, during this event you can receive:

  • Abrasives to upgrade a talent to 6, 7, 8, 9 and even 10 stars.
  • Catalysts to increase the chance of upgrading a talent by 5 and 10%.
  • Blessed Chests each containing 3 talents upgraded to 10 stars.
  • Prime Crystals, Legendary Crystals, and Shards of Crystals!

To participate in the event you need Doubloons, which starting from today will appear among rewards for battles. Just like during previous events, the number of rewards depends on heroism shown in combat — the more achievement points you earn, the higher the chance of getting rewards.

Active Golden Age doubles both the number of Doubloons and the chance of earning them.

Also, starting from today you can find Doubloons among offers at the Fair.

Time to earn Doubloons in battles!

Always yours,
Prime World Team