Update 11.7.2

11 June 2020

Lords and Ladies!

We have finished maintenance; Heroes are ready to rush into battle!



New Features on the Battle Map!

Dear friends, we continue to add new changes to the game which should bring more diversity to the most important part of Prime World — battles!

With this update we introduce a new glyph (which will appear on the river — oh, nostalgia…) and several new consumables, which will be available in the forest shops on both sides.

Prime Glyphs

Did you miss glyphs on the river? They are coming back! They are returning to make battles more dynamic at the start of a game and give more chances for a comeback at the end of a game.

  • Prime Glyphs appear on the river, in front of the caves of Kitton and Fire Drake.
  • They appear for the first time 60 seconds into the game (simultaneously with soldiers), and then — every 300 seconds after you pick it up.
  • Picking up a glyph adds 70 Prime to ALL HEROES on the team. Yes, not only to the Hero who picks it up but to all teammates of the Hero!
  • Moreover, the amount of Prime given by Glyph increases every 5 minutes.

New “Collectibles” in the Forest Shops!

Forest shops (on both sides) now have new collectibles. Their effects already appeared in Praya but this is their first time as collectibles

Scroll of Suppression

  • Removes all positive effects from an enemy in the marked area.
  • Price: 150 Prime
  • Cooldown: 120 sec

Bewitched Talisman

  • Hero becomes invulnerable to attacks and loses the ability to attack and use abilities for 3 seconds.
  • Price: 250 Prime
  • Cooldown: 150 sec

Scroll of Cover

  • Hero receives cover in 2 seconds for 10 seconds, which can be stopped by any damage.
  • Price: 150 Prime
  • Cooldown: 120 sec

Cleansing Amulet

  • Removes all negative effects from a Hero.
  • Price: 240 Prime
  • Cooldown: 90 sec


Ha’Ka / Da’Ka

Buff of the ‘offensive’ stats has been excessively strong. We fixed it!

Weak Moment

  • Now, increases Agility or Cunning, whichever is greater, by 4-53 (instead of 4-108)


Fire Fox / Flame Tail

Fox with increased Intellect was less effective than Fox with increased Strength. To equal these builds, we’ve added some changes to the main Intellect talents of the Hero.

Swift Wind

  • Now, decreases cooldown time by 2 sec for every target hit (instead of 1,5 sec)

Stormy Wind

  • Now, use of Wind and Sparks applies triple effect of “burning” (instead of one) .

Flame Shield

  • Decreases damage by 40% (instead of 35%) .
  • Now, when using the talent on Native Terrain, the talent recovers 6% of max Health per sec of the Hero (instead of additional decrease of damage) .



Lately, Inventor with increased Intellect didn’t feel comfortable on the battlefield. Not all of his inventions and mechanisms could resist the enemy. That’s not right!


  • Health of Turrets has been increased by 20% .
  • Damage of Turrets has been increased to 16-137 (instead of 12-102) .
  • Now, attacking from Native Terrain turrets additionally slow enemies by 20% for 2 sec. .


  • Price for maintaining the ability in details has been decreased to 16 (instead of 18).

Final Frontier

  • Now, increases damage by 15% instead of 10%


Night Queen / Black Panther

Now, panther better responds to logic of her mistress’s build.

  • Panther’s characteristics have been improved. Damage of the cat now depends on Intellect of the Hero-mistress.

Night Beast

  • Damage has been increased to 27-547 (instead of 27-235) .
  • Now, damage is calculated according to Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, of the Hero-mistress. .


  • Fixed the error with Ghostly Hunger talent of Witch Doctor / Woodsman working without the learned talent of Raging Skin.

See you on the battlefield!

Always yours,
Prime World Team