Gifts for Account Replenishment and Name Change Discounts

15 May 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Recently, everyone has been talking about clover, valuable horseshoes, and statuettes. Heroes are trying to earn more achievement points in battles and find the best bargain at the fair. They do it for the sake of clover!

At lunch, the treasurers had a discussion and decided to add a handsome bonus for replenishment. See for yourself what you can get by replenishing your treasury this weekend!

Gifts for Account Replenishment!

For three days only, until 12 p.m. (UTC +3) May 18. Replenish your account and receive gifts!




  100 - 249 gold 75 Prime Crystals

250 - 499 gold

75 Prime Crystals + 400 Clover


500 - 749 gold

150 Prime Crystals + 600 Clover

750 - 999 gold

300 Prime Crystals + 800 Clover

1000 - 1499 gold

500 Prime Crystals + 1200 Clover
  1500 gold and more 700 Prime Crystals + 2400 Clover

Please note:

  • Bonus Gold from runes or other offers is not considered.
  • You can receive any number of gifts during this offer.
  • The sum of the payments does not sum up, so if you want to receive the desired gift, please pay the necessary sum at once.

Name Change Discounts!

Only until 12 p.m. (UTC +3) May 18, change your game names, factions, and clan names with up to a 50% discount!

  • Name change — 145 Gold instead of 295.
  • Faction change — 49 Gold instead of 99.
  • Clan name change — 249 Gold instead of 499.

Please note: the discount is valid only in Castles. Prices displayed on the website remain the same. For the changes to take effect you’ll need to re-log back into the Castle.

Treat yourself to a weekend bargain!

Always yours,
Prime World Team