Ancient Ritual

07 May 2020

Lords and Ladies!

More and more Heroes say that they feel like someone is eyeing them all the time. Djinn (who was the first to discover that it had nothing to do with strained nerves) told a story about a ritual practiced in ancient countries of the Orient that granted its master an ability to see over a long distance…

Ancient Ritual

Welcome the new quest in your Castles – Ancient Ritual! Complete the quest until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) May 18 and receive a variety of valuable rewards: abrasives, catalysts and a collectible talent – Oracle’s Eye!






  Gain 2,500 achievement points in the Borderlands Oracle’s Eye

Kill 2000 soldiers in the Borderlands

50 Prime crystals

Collect 500,000 Prime in the Borderlands

Top-quality abrasive that upgrades a talent by 1 star, up to 8 stars


Kill 20 Kittons / Fire Drakes in the Borderlands (not more than 2 per battle)

Enchanted abrasive that upgrades a talent by 1 star, up to 9 stars


4 Universal catalysts that increase the chance of talents’ upgrade by 20%


  • This is a single quest rather than a quest chain. Fulfill all the conditions to get the rewards.
  • You can complete several tasks during one battle: earn 25000 Prime points, kill 100 soldiers, and raise 3 flags.
  • All of them will be considered in the quest progress. Moreover, if you change the game client during this quest, your progress will be lost.

Are you ready to risk and perform a ritual?

Always yours,
Prime World Team