Cats at the Fair

24 April 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Imagine a bunch of cats confined within four walls. What do you think they are capable of? Even if the walls belong to the comfortable Castle with all conveniences and a large garden. Beasty, Night Queen, and their sisters did everything to divert their loyal felines. But even the joint efforts were not enough to calm the frisking animals down.

This morning horrified merchants ran to your Castle. Turned out, the cats dropped everything—seriously, everything! — during their active games. Now, there is no choice but to drop the only thing left—the prices.

Cats at the Fair!

For three days, till 12 p.m. UTC+3 April 27, we drop prices for all chests, abrasives, and catalysts! And to make it easier for you to find something interesting on the shelves, all resources, silver and talents will not be found among the offers.

FOR THE FIRST TIME! ALL chests with up to 70% off! Including your favorite Black Friday Chests, updated Season Chests, and valuable Blessed Chests!

  Chest Old price

New price

  Black Friday Chest 250-300 Prime Crystals 175-210 Prime Crystals
  Blessed Chest 200-250 Prime Crystals 140-175 Prime Crystals
  Season Chest 180-230 Prime Crystals 125-160 Prime Crystals
  Collectible Chest with a 6-star talent 70-100 Prime Crystals 35-50 Prime Crystals
  Collectible Chest with a 7-star talent 90-110 Prime Crystals 45-55 Prime Crystals
  Legendary Chest from the three last sets 100-150 Prime Crystals 30-45 Prime Crystals
  Legendary Chest 80-130 Prime Crystals 25-40 Prime Crystals
  Exclusive Chest 40-50 Prime Crystals 12-15 Prime Crystals

And 70% off abrasives and catalysts!

  Abrasive Old Price

New Price

  Medium-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent to 6 stars 70-130 Prime Crystals 35-65 кристаллов прайма
  High-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent to 7 stars 170-230 Prime Crystals 75-115 кристаллов прайма
  Top-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent to 8 stars 290-350 Prime Crystals 205-245 кристаллов прайма
  Enchanted abrasive to upgrade a talent to 9 stars 410-500 Prime Crystals 285-350 Prime Crystals
  Unique abrasive to upgrade a talent to 10 stars 550-650 Prime Crystals 385-455 Prime Crystals
  Weak catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 5% 30-60 Prime Crystals 9-18 Prime Crystals
  Basic catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 10% 50-80 Prime Crystals 15-24 Prime Crystals
  Powerful catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 15% 70-100 кристаллов прайма 50-70 Prime Crystals
  Universal catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 20% 100-150 Prime Crystals 70-105 Prime Crystals

Look for Jackpots with blue and red crystals on the shelves!

And of course, assortment renewal for only 2000 Silver, and the slots you already purchased something from do not burn out!

Discounts for talent reforging!

For the whole four days, till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) March 10, for the first time ever, find discounts on reforging legendary talents, upgraded to 8, 9, and 10 stars!

  Number of star Old price New price
  8 75 50
  9 105 75
  10 140 100

Meet spring in renewed builds!

Always yours,
Prime World Team