Gifts for Account Replenishment

17 April 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Recently, Banshee decided to visit Kvasir's tavern—just to learn how the citizens of Praya usually spend their night. But the moment was unfortunate... Duelist started a fight with a treasurer.

There was no time to wait, so Banshee used her slumberous whisper on the troublemaker. For that day the danger was over. The overjoyed treasurer upped and announced that he would give out gifts for Treasury replenishment during the whole weekend!

Gifts for Account Replenishment!

Top up your account till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) April 20 and get delicious gifts!




  100 - 249 gold 75 Prime Crystals

250 - 499 gold

Black Friday Chest


500 - 749 gold

2 Black Friday Chests and 50 Prime Crystals

750 - 999 gold

3 Black Friday Chests and 150 Prime Crystals

1000 - 1499 gold

4 Black Friday Chests and 300 Prime Crystals
  1500 gold and more 8 Black Friday Chests and 300 Prime Crystals

Here is a reminder of the contents of one Black Friday Chest:

  • 5 legendary talents, upgraded to 6-10 stars, one of which is guaranteed to have 8 or more stars!
  • 2 exclusive talents, upgraded to 6-10 stars.

As well as crystals and resources! Please note that:

  • Bonus Gold from runes or other offers is not considered. 
  • You can receive any number of gifts during this offer. 
  • The sum of the payments does not sum up, so if you want to receive the desired gift, please pay the necessary sum at once.

Unbind talents at a discount!

Till 12 p.m. UTC+3 April 20, unbind talents with 50% off!

  Upgrade level Old price New price
  1-5 stars 5 3
  6 stars 7 4
  7 stars 10 5
  8 stars 15 7
  9 stars 20 10
  10 stars 25 13

Get some benefit from the weekend!

Always yours,
Prime World Team