02 April 2020

"You shouldn't turn it on," the fair-haired girl shook her head and turned to the guests who had gathered in the hall. "You don't understand. If you launch the system — the Prime Eye, — it will break the stability and lead to an explosion..."

The guests were smiling uneasily and whispering with each other, paying little attention to the warnings. The town was small and everyone was used to it: after her twin brother passed away, the count's daughter was not quite herself.

But that was hardly surprising: the two of them were so close. To her, his death was a sad blow. Besides, the girl's father indulged her every whim — even when she took an earnest interest in spiritual phenomena.

"You have no idea," her voice fell to a whisper. "But I saw what was going to happen. He is calling me..."


The reception was coming to an end. The presentation was a huge success: the new device could use Prime to contact other Castles.

A few lucky survivors later told it happened in a matter of seconds.

The girl's shriek.

A bright flash. The mirror surface of the device, shattered into pieces. And a wave of Prime, freely filling up the hall in the twinkling of an eye.

*** "They say the mansion has been cursed ever since," the tavern-keeper put the glass on the counter. "But most rumors concern the girl's fate. That girl who was trying to prevent the disaster. Many witnesses claim they saw her in the ancestral vault. Surely, you don't believe everything they say — for fear sees danger everywhere — but to some things, there's no explanation. And on the eve of these grievous events, we can all hear the echo of the very same cry! As if even after her death, the count's daughter warns us of approaching trouble.

Lately, no one heard of her though," the man hove a deep sigh. "They say it has something to do with the extraordinary activity of Prime these days.

They say… They say...”

People always say things. They'd better listen. A fair-haired girl thanked the tavern-keeper with a nod, straightened her hood, and turned to the exit.

Indeed, Prime had been way too active lately. So active that she finally managed to imbue the spectral element with it — and created herself a body...