Otherworld Breath

02 April 2020

Banshee is rightly known as a herald of death... But you have nothing to fear for she is heralding only the death of her enemies! Take alone her best ability — horrifying shriek! But the proximity to the otherworld also granted Banshee some other peculiar abilities.



There are three ways of hiring Banshee, just like with all new Heroes:

  • Complete a 7-day quest chain and hire her for 750,000 Silver. The first task of the quest chain will open today, at 12 p.m. (UTC+3), and the last one will start April 9. Upon completing the last task, you will see a quest where you’ll be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • A usual way of hiring (purchase for Silver without completing the quest) will be available from April 16 for all players with the 25+ Castle level.
  • Also, you can hire Banshee right now for 299 Gold.

With the release of  the new Hero, Deceiver’s price was reduced to 500,000 Silver or 199 Gold.

Please note!

  • The victories scored with the new Hero won’t be counted in the Talent Collection quests that you activated before the update.

Learn more about the Hero in this news.

Banshee's talents


Banshee's passive ability allows her to practically shrivel her opponents — until they turn to ashes. Heroine's attacks apply a special effect — the shrivel effect that reduces enemies' Health Regeneration and increases it for Banshee.

Additionally, while on Native Terrain, she is immune to Mortal Wounds.

Veil of Shadows

Heroine's first active ability creates a veil of shadows on the battlefield. Enemies, unlucky enough to get there, are shriveled for some time.

The upgraded ability increases Speed and Health Regeneration for Banshee and allied Heroes who pass through the veil.

Slumberous Whisper

Banshee's second ability allows her to lull her opponent for some time. While the Heroine is whispering hypnotic words, her target cannot move, attack, or use abilities. If the target takes a certain amount of damage, the sleep gets interrupted.


The upgraded ability opens Banshee's most famous weapon — Horrifying Shriek. When the Heroine finishes lulling her enemy, the target and all enemies around it take bonus damage. If Banshee is on Native Terrain, enemies affected with the shriek additionally get silenced.

Hazy Step

The proximity to the otherworld and being in the ghostly form for a long time granted Banshee the ability to disembody right on the battlefield.


When the Heroine uses this ability, she shifts to the target direction, ignoring obstacles. Moreover, when the talent is ready to use, Banshee receives bonus Agility.

Extinguished Candle

Another passive ability allows the Heroine to instantly reset all of her class talents (except for the ultimate ones) when a shriveled enemy Hero dies.


Twilight Burst

Banshee's first ultimate ability deals significant damage to all the enemies around her.


The upgraded ability allows Banshee to share life force with her allies — in some seconds after the Heroine used the talent, Banshee and all allied Heroes around restore Health. The more enemies affected, the more health points they restore.

Deadly Fade

The Heroine's second ultimate ability deals damage to the target Hero over time.


If the ability is upgraded, Banshee summons the ghost of the enemy killed with Deadly Fade. The ghost helps her and her allies and stays until the victim is resurrected.

Can you feel the icy breath of the otherworld? Turn round — Banshee is somewhere near...

Always yours,
Prime World Team