Gifts for Account Replenishment!

20 March 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Unsurprisingly, Moira is now welcome in every house. After she visited that vault, everyone's been dying to learn details about the new mysterious creature.

But treasurers stood aside from the guessing contest and decided to do things their way — to stack up on Prime Crystals and Blessed chests (that Fanatic so kindly shared).

Gifts for Account Replenishment!

Top up your account till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) March 23 and get some gifts!

This time the gifts are truly special.

  • First of all, they are nicer than usual: to spite the current events, we've introduced the "anti-crisis multiplier" and are ready to make you happier more often in these tough but interesting times!
  • Second of all, now gifts will be waiting for you in the Castle RIGHT AFTER you top up your account. You will find them in several chests that will open one at a time.



  100 - 249 gold 85 Prime Crystals

250 - 499 gold

Blessed chest and 30 Prime Crystals


500 - 749 gold

2 Blessed chests and 100 Prime Crystals

750 - 999 gold

3 Blessed chests and 250 Prime Crystals

1000 - 1499 gold

5 Blessed chests and 250 Prime Crystals
  1500 gold and more 8 Blessed chests and 450 Prime Crystals

Kindly note that:

  • Bonus Gold from runes or other offers is not considered.
  • You can receive any number of gifts during this offer.
  • The sum of the payments does not sum up, so if you want to receive the desired gift, please pay the necessary sum at once.

Get ready for the new Heroine's arrival!

Always yours,
Prime World Team