New Heroine

19 March 2020

Lords and Ladies!

A herald from a distant settlement — the one closest to the Mist and the ancient vault — came to your Castle his morning. His settlement hardly lies in the best possible place but the road for merchant carts is the shortest this way.

Local hunters were checking snares and traps the other day when they found broken carts and goods scattered around... With not a living soul nearby. Moira and Soul Catcher who happened to be passing through the settlement agreed to check the vault ruins. Saturated with prime vapor, the ruins are too dangerous for ordinary people.

Everything went normal. It was a typical examination of a potentially dangerous place: one checks and the other covers... But the typical precautions were only partly helpful.

Moira was keeping a close eye on the doorway and caught a glimpse of some movement. In a moment she heard a whisper. She couldn't make out the words — only mesmeric tonality was heard. The Heroine felt a delusion that she couldn't resist — as if she was having a waking dream.

Feeling something happened to his partner, Soul Catcher rushed to her aid. Yet the moment he came closer to the motionless Heroine, some invisible force hurled them to the ground, blocked their ears, and threw them out of the vault.

When they reached the settlement, Moira sent the herald to the Castle right away. Apparently, a new Heroine dwells in the vault. Why not think of the ways to get her to your service?


You searched for information about the mysterious Heroine and, according to the legends you found, there is only one way to banish her ghostly essence away and hire her: you have to say her name.

Following our tradition, the first five participants to guess the Heroine’s name will receive her for free the day she is released in the game!

Please note! The answer must be left in the comments to this news.

Display acumen and try your luck :)

Always yours,
Prime World Team