Time Anomaly

17 March 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Multiple games with time have led to a time anomaly appearing in Praya. At first, the peculiar blue-green vortex released valuable abrasives and prime crystals which made the citizens glad. However, yesterday it spawned some monstrously angry Touched.

The Heroes managed to fight them off but who knows what can come next. We need to send our best sorcerers to close the mystic portal!

Time Anomaly

From 12 p.m. (UTC+3) March 19 till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) April 1, complete a new huge quest and receive a variety of incredible rewards, including Universal catalysts and the rare Top-quality abrasives!

  Условия Награда
  Collect 250,000 Prime in the Borderlands 4 Universal catalysts that increase the upgrade chance by 20%
  Kill 2000 soldiers in the Borderlands 2 Top-quality abrasives to upgrade a talent by 1 star, up to 8 stars
  Deal 250,000 damage to Heroes in the Borderlands 3 Blessed chests
  Raise 25 flags (max 3 per battle) in the Borderlands 50 Prime Crystals


  • This is a single quest rather than a quest chain. Fulfill all the conditions to get the rewards.
  • You can complete several tasks during one battle: get 50 achievement points, kill 100 soldiers, and raise 3 flags. All of them will be considered in the quest progress.
  • Moreover, if you change the game client during this quest, your progress will be lost.

Take all the valuables and close the portal!

Always yours,
Prime World Team