Encounter with Robbers

05 March 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Recently mischievous Tearaway had a quarrel with some robbers, passing by her. The reason was a quaint umbrella that immediately took her fancy. She wanted to buy or trade the thing but the robbers switched to threats.

Turned out, the umbrella — as well as the other things in the carriage — had been stolen from the Castles. No way these robbers go unpunished!

Encounter with Robbers!

From 12 p.m. (UTC+3) March 5 till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) March 23, complete a new huge quest and receive a variety of incredible rewards, including valuable Black Friday chests and Top-quality abrasives!




  Deal 500,000 damage to Heroes in the Borderlands 2 Black Friday chests

Collect 500,000 Prime in the Borderlands

3 Top-quality abrasives to upgrade a talent by 1 star, up to 8 stars


Get 150 assists in the Borderlands

50 Season Glory

Drink 50 potions (max 5 per battle) in the Borderlands

50 Season Trophies

Here is a reminder of the contents of one Black Friday chest:

  • 5 legendary talents, upgraded to 6-10 stars, one of which is guaranteed to have 8 or more stars!
  • 2 exclusive talents, upgraded to 6-10 stars.
  • And Legendary Crystals, Prime Crystals, various resources as well as Silver!


  • This is a single quest rather than a quest chain. Fulfill all the conditions to get the rewards..
  • You can complete several tasks during one battle: collect 10,000 Prime, get 10 assists, and drink 5 potions. All of them will be considered in the quest progress.
  • Moreover, if you change the game client during this quest, your progress will be lost.

Hurry up to battle!

Always yours,
Prime World