Unbind talents at a discount!

28 February 2020

Lords and Ladies!!

Many Heroes are one way or another connected with natural forces — trees, birds, or animals. As the thaw comes, they grow stronger and more vigorous! Cheerful trilling birds woke you up this morning. It turned out Dendromonster decided to gladden the birds early in the morning. And not only them!

Unbind talents at a discount!

The Hero is ready to cover out of pocket up to half of the price, set for talent unbinding. His generosity applies to both orange and red talents, upgraded to any number of stars!

Only till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) March 2, 50% off unbinding talents!

  Upgrade level Old price New price
  1-5 звезд 5 3
  6 звезд 7 4
  7 звезд 10 5
  8 звезд 15 7
  9 звезд 20 10
  10 звезд 25 13

Dress up your Heroes for spring and save some coins!

Always yours,
Prime World Team