Holiday Fair!

21 February 2020

Lords and Ladies!

The morning turned out surprisingly quiet as if everybody held their breath in expectation of the holiday. Warm sunbeams lighted up the Castles, peeping into every window. A beautiful morning and a wonderful day for a holiday fair! Merchants have already prepared some excellent goods for you!

Holiday Fair!

For the whole four days, till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) February 25, find a variety of discounts at the Fair. And FOR THE FIRST TIME, discounts on abrasives!


30% off Medium-quality and High-quality abrasives:

  • 50-90 Prime Crystals (instead of 70-130) for one Medium-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent by 1 star, up to 6 stars
  • 120-160 Prime Crystals (instead of 170-230) for one High-quality abrasive to upgrade a talent by 1 star, up to 7 stars

50% off usual legendary and exclusive chests:

  • An exclusive chest for 20-25 Prime Crystals (instead of 40-50);
  • A legendary chest for 40-65 Prime Crystals (instead of 80-130);
  • A legendary chest with talents from the latest three sets for 50-75 Prime Crystals (instead of 100-150).

70% off all talents* on the shelves:

  • An exclusive talent for 1-2 Prime Crystals (instead of 4-8);
  • A legendary talent for 9-12 Prime Crystals (instead of 30-40);
  • A legendary talent from the latest three sets for 15-25 Prime Crystals (instead of 55-80).

*except for the talents from the latest subset, Executioner's Sentence

  • No resources on the shelves!
  • Silver and Legendary Crystal Jackpots among the offers!
    But note that their drop chance is lowered in comparison to the usual time.
  • Plus the assortment renewal costs only 2000 Silver, and the slots you already purchased something from do not burn out!

Enjoy all the benefits of the holiday!

Always yours,
Prime World Team