Smile of Fortune!

13 February 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Today, Dryad's traditional stroll has born some peculiar fruit. Or rather, peculiar leaves. The Heroine was returning to the Castle when she came upon a glade of four-leaf clovers. Naturally, she picked some of the plants.

One of them accidentally fell on the abrasives that were displayed to your citizens... and significantly increased the chances of successful talent upgrade!

Smile of Fortune!

Only till 12:00 p.m. UTC+3 February 17, use the increased chance of talent upgrade!

  Abrasive Old upgrade chance New upgrade chance
  To upgrade a talent to 6 stars



  To upgrade a talent to 7 stars  70% 90%
  To upgrade a talent to 8 stars 40%  60%
  To upgrade a talent to 9 stars 20%  40%
  To upgrade a talent to 10 stars  10% 30%
  • Moreover, all this time the drop chance of all abrasives at the Fair is doubled!

  • The rule applies to Jackpot too :)

  • Hurry up! Stores of Prime four-leaf clover are limited!

Prime World Team