Blessed time!

11 February 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Following the time of prosperity, the blessed time is visiting your Castle! And this means that Blessed chests have appeared on the fair shelves…

Primologist opened a couple of them and brought you some glad news: among the chests that merchants sell, there is not a single one with 6-star talents — only with 7 and above!

Blessed time

For the whole week, till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) February 17, look for especially valuable Blessed chests on the shelves!


Because this week, Blessed chests will only contain talents, upgraded to 7 and more stars. So your chances of getting an 8, 9, and even 10-star talents are higher!

Reminder: one Blessed chest costs from 200 to 250 Prime Crystals.

Are you ready to accept the gifts of the blessed time?

Always yours,
Prime World Team