Update 11.16.2

30 January 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Maintenance is over, and the Heroes are ready to... meet Fire Drake!

New skin

Welcome tender and colorful Watercolor to your Castle!



Original Hero: Artiste
ЗPrice: 49 gold
Special features: new effects

Legendary talent changes

We closely revised all the legendary talents and decided to unify them so that talents of the same row grant the same growth in stats.

Now, all talents of the same row have identical:

  • indicator of basic stats;
  • growth per each upgraded star.

Also, we slightly improved:

  • talents of the first row;
  • talents, increasing Life Drain.

The change doesn't affect talents with an active ability.

New collectible talent

Find a new collectible talent, Legendary Barrier, in the Talent Collection!

Legendary Barrier

  • required row: VI;
  • Prime-cost: 1600;
  • increases Stamina or Will, whichever is greater, by 27;
  • for 2 sec reduces all damage, taken by the Hero, by 90%, and deals 300 damage to the attackers.

For now, the talent is unattainable in Forge / Talent Garden or in the Collection. But soon a special quest chain will appear in Praya. You'll need to complete the chain to receive the new talent. Stay tuned!

New colors to display damage types

We changed the colors of the figures that are showed above the Hero and opponents when damage is dealt or taken. This should improve the perception of the game and make it easier to decide which defensive stat is better in a particular situation.

  • Physical damage is displayed in beige figures
  • Magic damage is displayed in blue figures
  • True damage still remains menacingly red.

That's how the changes look in the game:

Fire Drake

Ready for the incredible adventure of this three-headed serpent all around the Prime Zone?

Meet the new Fire Drake!

Now, the team who conquers Fire Drake gets his powerful support on the map.

Fire Drake leaves his den and heads to one of the lanes, helping Heroes to destroy towers and defeat enemy soldiers and Heroes.

  • At the same time, Fire Drake still grants the buff which now works like an aura around Drake.
  • Additionally, the power of the buff is reduced.

Note: the serpent is immune to buffs, healing, and all crowd control effects except stun.


During the previous Fair-related event, you left us lots of messages saying that you wish to receive talents with 8 or more stars more often since many Heroes are already equipped with 7* talents.

That is why we decided to permanently diversify the Fair with abrasives that allow you to upgrade talents to 8, 9 and 10 stars!


Now you can decide for yourself which talent for your favorite Hero to upgrade and by how many stars.

Naturally, the cost of such valuable entities remains rather high:

  • Top-quality abrasive that upgrades a talent to 8 stars — 290-350 Prime Crystals.
  • Enchanted abrasive that upgrades a talent to 9 stars — 410-500 Prime Crystals.
  • Unique abrasive that upgrades a talent to 10 stars — 550-650 Prime Crystals.



Fire and illusions made the Hero overpowered in particular situations.

Mind Games

  • The illusion now lives 5 seconds (instead of 6).

Fire Wave

  • Damage is reduced to 153-1349 (instead of 170-1498).


  • Damage is reduced to 153-1349 (instead of 170-1498).



The chief bomber in Praya has gotten new rockets... and new Tsar Bomba!

Rocket Strike

  • Now deals 63-556 damage (instead of 79-694).
  • Additionally, the explosion leaves a fire trail for 3 sec that deals 11-93 damage per second.
  • The range is increased by 30%

Intensive Fire

  • While the Rain of Fire talent is active, the hero’s Agility (if the Hero builds Strength) or Cunning (if the Hero build Intellect) is increased by 4-53..

Tsar Bomba

  • New mechanics. You can now reactivate the ability to drop the bomb earlier. The Hero will land 0.5 sec after the hatches open and won't wait for the ultimate to end.
  • Damage in the epicenter is increased to 290-2560 (instead of 151-1336).
  • Damage in the epicenter is increased to 106-935 (instead of 45-401).


Archer / Amazon

The Heroine sometimes unlocked her potential during the lane phase too easily.

Flurry Strike

  • The cooldown is increased to 10 seconds (instead of 8).


  • The cooldown is increased to 15 seconds (instead of 12).

Active Defense

  • Damage consumed by the shield is reduced to 64-568 (instead of 83-730).

Decisive Shot

  • The target becomes visible for the next 3 sec.

Dual Shot

  • Now also stuns the target for 0.5 sec;
  • Additionally, the delay before the reactivation is twice as short now.

Muse / Bard

The musical Heroine sometimes lacked opportunities to efficiently use her attack and defensive melodies.


  • If the Heroine uses the indicated melody (depending on the color of notes), for 3 sec her Speed is increased by 1% per each Inspiration effect.

Additionally, now the Heroine casts her class abilities faster. Also, casting the ability no longer cancels the movement command that was given earlier.



A slight buff to her Intellect build and a nerf to the Strength-based one.

Path of a Thousand Blades

  • The cooldown is reduced to 90 seconds (instead of 120).

Path of the Lone Blade

  • Damage is reduced to 29-259 (instead of 33-287).

Undying Flame

  • Damage is increased to 6-50 (instead of 3-29).


Shadow / Whisp

Pleasant changes for those who prefer fans to kunai :)

  • Stamina per level is increased to 0.35 (instead of 0.25)
  • Will per level is increased to 0.65 (instead of 0.45)

Dance of the Fans

  • Now affects ONLY Heroes.
  • Energy Cost is reduced to 220 (instead of 400).



Both Intellect and Strength builds are now easier to realize in the battlefield.

Alchemical Circle

  • Now restores Health depending on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater (instead of Intellect only).

Warding Circle

  • Now additionally restores 2% of the missing Health and Energy.

Power of Mercury

  • The animation speed is increased by 20%.



Some of the Hero's abilities were way too powerful in a number of situations.

Iron Precision

  • The cooldown is increased to 10 seconds (instead of 9).
  • Energy Cost is reduced to 100 (instead of 80)

Furious Hurricane

  • The cooldown is increased to 19 seconds (instead of 15).

Frenetic Hurricane

  • Now restores 6-55 Health (instead of 6-80).


Duelist / Prince of Thieves

The Hero, who relies on the fortune's favor in the first place, became much stronger.


  • Now additionally restores 1% of the maximum Health over 4 sec.

Fair Game

  • No longer stuns the target but deals 33-294 damage to them and the enemies around.
  • When used on Native Terrain, additionally blinds the enemies.

Explosive Concoction

  • Now stuns the enemies instead of blinding them.


  • Now always restores 8-69 Health per sec. When used on Native Terrain, restores twice as much Health.

Trick Blade

  • Now can critically strike and drain Health.



Scroll-related abilities were reworked. Now the Heroine will play out in fresh colors on the battlefield!

Master's Colors

  • Is no longer connected with the scrolls.
  • The ability effect is combined with its upgrade: the Heroine's attack (after the talent was learned) now deals 6-73 damage, apart from the main percentage amplification.

War Paint

  • The talent was deleted. Instead, the Heroine received an upgrade for the Master's Colors passive ability — Contrast.


Once 15 paints are received, the Heroine paints a magic scroll in the following order:

  1. Bird Scroll
  2. Starfall Scroll
  3. Divine Scroll
  4. Light Scroll
  5. Twin Scroll

Additionally, Artiste receives bonuses from every scroll (regardless of how they were received — from the mini-game or her passive ability):

1. Bird Scroll:

  • Additionally reduces enemies' Strength and Intellect and increases allies' by 5%.

2. Starfall Scroll:

  • Deals bonus 100% of the initial scroll damage over 3 sec.

3. Divine Scroll:

  • Total Health restored is increased by 40% of the Heroine's maximum Health, and the amount of Health, restored every 3 sec, is increased by 1% of maximum Health.

4. Light Scroll:

  • The chance to miss the attack is additionally increased by 25%.

5. Twin Scroll:

  • The twin lives 25 sec longer and the cooldown of the Heroine's talents is additionally reduced by 10%.


The Absolute Dominance subset

Your favorite and irreplaceable axes were significantly reworked and became more versatile as a result.

We recommend you to pay special attention if you prefer hunting the Touched to hunting enemy soldiers.

  • First of all, all talents now have a similar cap of the received bonus Prime — 1000. This way, you can equip your Hero with all six axes but you will still receive a maximum of 1000 Prime per battle.

Absolute Dominance

Renamed to Warrior's Dominance

  • Deals 15 bonus damage to soldiers and the Touched
  • Grants 5 bonus Prime per kill.

Greedy Dominance

Renamed to Sorcerer's Dominance, is now located on the first row.

  • Increases damage dealt to soldiers and the Touched by 17%
  • Grants 5 bonus Prime per kill.

Diversion Dominance

Renamed to Predator's Dominance

  • Deals 12 bonus damage to soldiers and the Touched
  • Restores Health (12 over 3 sec) and Energy (3 over 3 sec) whenever a Hero hits the Touched
  • Grants 7 bonus Prime per kill.

The number of active talents in the row also changed to three. They have one common cooldown — 60 sec.

Fury Dominance

  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 10
  • Deals 550 damage to the target soldier or the Touched
  • Grants 40 Prime if the target is killed with the talent.

Strength Dominance

Renamed to Guile Dominance

  • Increases Agility or Cunning, whichever is greater, by 10
  • Deals 550 damage to the target soldier or the Touched
  • Grants 40 Prime if the target is killed with the talent.

Mental Dominance

Renamed to Health Dominance

  • Increases Health by 300
  • Deals 550 damage to the target soldier or the Touched
  • Grants 40 Prime if the target is killed with the talent.

Use your axes wisely!


  • The effective area of Deceiver's Wild Fire is now correctly displayed
  • Deceiver's attack animation tweaked
  • The effective area of Plague Doctor's Bubon Plague is now correctly displayed
  • Kvasir's Over the Top talent no longer triggers the Executioner's Sentence subset
  • Fixed an issue when the A Shadow for Two talent didn't increase Shadow's Speed if the talent was used on an ally from the Native Terrain
  • Shadow's On a Chain talent now properly deals damage to the target, immune to control.

See you on the battlefields!

Always yours,
Prime World Team