Legendary Defense

30 January 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Sometimes Fire Drake leaves his cozy den and takes heedless Heroes by surprise. This time it was Amazon who didn't manage to dodge the fire breath... But she had a secret and quickly used it to protect herself from the scorching flame.

Legendary Defense!

From today and till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) February 17, complete tasks from the special quest chain and get incredibly valuable rewards!

The rewards include precious abrasives and catalysts that allow you to upgrade any talent to the required number of stars, Prime Crystals, and a unique prize — a special collectible talent, Legendary Defense!

When used, the talent reduces all damage, taken by the Hero, by 90% for 2 sec, and deals 300 damage to the attackers.

  Date Condition Reward
  Jan. 30  Get 10 assists in the Borderlands 20 Prime Crystals
  Jan. 31 Destroy 5 towers (max 3 per battle) in the Borderlands High-quality abrasive that upgrades a talent by 1 star, up to 7 stars
  Feb. 1  Gain 300 achievement points in the Borderlands 30 Prime Crystals
  Feb. 2 Drink 15 potions (max 5 per battle) in the Borderlands Powerful catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 15%
  Feb. 3 Slay 200 Touched in the Borderlands Blessed chest
  Feb. 4 Deal 50,000 damage to Heroes in the Borderlands Universal catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 20%
  Feb. 5 Kill 500 soldiers in the Borderlands Enchanted abrasive that upgrades a talent by 1 star, up to 9 stars
  Feb. 6  Get 35 kills in the Borderlands Two Blessed chests
  Feb. 7 Collect 100,000 Prime in the Borderlands Legendary Barrier

Please note!

  • new stage opens once per day, at 12 p.m. (UTC+3).
  • you can start working on the quests any day but don't underestimate them!

Protect your heroes with the new collectible talent!

Always yours,
Prime World team