Lunar Festival is ramping up!

27 January 2020

Lords and Ladies!

Lots of colorful fireworks blossomed in the sky above the Castle — just like some exotic flowers.

Fire Wyrm and Luna were extremely happy with the festival. They even decided to gladden all the inhabitants of the Castle with New Year chests that they still had.

New Year chests at the Fair!

For the whole week, till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) February 3, use the chance and purchase valuable New Year chests at the Fair!


One such chest contains:

  • 5 legendary talents, upgraded to 7-10 stars. One of the talents is guaranteed to have 8 or more stars!
  • Valuable resources, including Prime Crystals and Legendary Crystals.

Additionally, you can find one of the SUPER PRIZES inside:

  • Champion Rune;
  • one day of Golden Age;
  • one Medium-quality abrasive;
  • and even one High-quality abrasive!

One New Year chest costs 220-270 Prime Crystals.

Get more presents from Fire Wyrm!

Always yours,
Prime World Team