Colorful Fair!

24 January 2020

Lords and Ladies!

The sky clouded over with louring clouds. Heroes were about to get dejected because of the weather... but Artiste came in!

She painted the clouds with her magic paints in all possible colors. Seems like no color repeats itself!

Surprisingly, merchants were the ones most delighted with her performance. But the reason became obvious soon enough: as if by magic (all right, by magic), their shelves got filled with various colorful chests. So now they are going to offer them for sale at an extremely favorable price.

Colorful Fair!

Till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) January 27, find a variety of chests at the Fair at a bargain price!


Here they come:

  • 50% off usual legendary and exclusive chests:
    • An exclusive chest for 20-25 Prime Crystals (instead of 40-50).
    • A legendary chest for 40-65 Prime Crystals (instead of 80-130).
    • A legendary chest with talents from the latest three sets for 50-75 Prime Crystals (instead of 100-150).
  • 50% off collectible chests*:
    • A chest with a talent, upgraded to 6 stars, for 35-50 Prime Crystals;
    • A chest with a talent, upgraded to 7 stars, for 45-55 Prime Crystals;
  • And valuable Season chests at a discount of 30% — for 125-160 Prime Crystals (instead of 180-230

*except for the chests, containing talents from the latest subset, Executioner's Sentence

And even more:

  • No resources on the shelves;
  • All Jackpots remain at the Fair! But note that their drop chance is lowered in comparison to the usual time;
  • 70% off all talents* on the shelves:
    • An exclusive talent for 1-2 Prime Crystals (instead of 4-8);
    • A legendary talent for 9-12 Prime Crystals (instead of 30-40);
    • A legendary talent from the latest three sets for 15-25 Prime Crystals (instead of 55-80).

*except for the talents from the latest subset, Executioner's Sentence

And of course, assortment renewal for only 2000 Silver, and the slots you already purchased something from do not burn out!

Fill your Castle with colors!

Always yours,
Prime World Team