Khr’Amins' holiday

13 January 2020

Lords and Ladies!

The old archivist told you in confidence that today Khr’Amins were holding a fete (so far no one has managed to translate its name). You asked the Heroes but they just smiled back and shrugged their shoulders.

You made up your mind to support the celebration and gave the Heroes a couple of days off. In return, they handed over several valuable Blessed chests to the merchants!

Blessed chests at the Fair!

For the whole week, till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) January 20, purchase special Prime-blessed chests at the Fair!


Reminder: one such chest contains three legendary talents, upgraded to 6-10 stars!

One Blessed chest costs — 200-250 Prime Crystals

Take part in the celebration and get desirable talents!

Always yours,
Prime World Team