Derisive Deceiver

25 December 2019

Derisive Deceiver is already here to give his enemies a particularly warm reception! Are you ready to heed his fiery art?



Deceiver's Talents


The Hero's main passive ability allows him to become invulnerable for a short period of time — right after he performs any of his abilities. True prestige!

Wild Fire

The Hero's first ability summons a fire circle to the battlefield that deals damage to everyone inside.

Upgrade the talent to make it even more scorching and dangerous. If Deceiver hits only one target, he'll deal bonus damage and immobilize the target.

Mind Games

The second ability enables Deceiver to fool his foes and dodge their attacks. Use the talent to teleport the Hero to the target location. At the same time, Deceiver's twin will appear and teleport to the opposite direction.


Upgraded talent allows Deceiver to restore some of his Health and swap places with his illusion.


Upgrade this ability to deal bonus damage with Deceiver's attacks. Moreover, each successive hit on the enemy will deal more and more damage!


Upgraded talent makes the Hero's attack ricochet several times among nearby targets.


Deceiver's first ultimate ability significantly increases his attack speed for some time. However, the damage he deals during this time is somewhat reduced.


Upgraded talent increases the Hero's critical strike chance with each successive attack. But it won't last forever — when he crits, the accumulated chance will reset and start accumulating again.

Fire Wave

The second ultimate ability summons a wave of fire that deals damage to all enemies in its way.


Upgraded talent allows the Hero to summon the wave back and deal damage one more time to all enemies hit. Enemies who were hit by the wave twice will get stunned for a while.

True art demands sacrifices! Who will become the first one?..

Always yours,
Prime World Team