Clue to the incredible trick

18 December 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The new mysterious Hero gathered Lords and Ladies from all over Praya once again — in the very same place he performed his incredible trick last week. This time the horned man came much closer to the crowd — close enough for them to see him clearly.

The audience was eager to hear the promised explanation but one question excited them even more: whom will the new Hero serve?

Contest results

Dear friends, we received plenty of interesting theories and guesses about one of the new Hero's abilities — the one that allowed the horned stranger to perform that amazing trick. We are happy that a lot of you managed to solve his riddle.

Our new Hero can create an illusive clone who runs in the direction opposite to him.

The first five lucky players who guessed the Hero's ability are:

  1. Blake Whitaker
  2. Neil M Stuart
  3. Steph Weller
  4. Yunus Kaya
  5. Veysel Karani Uveysgarani Darikusu

Congratulations! Once released, the Hero will need to find his way to your Castle so please write your nickname via personal message to our official Facebook page.

Thanks to every participant of the contest — we enjoyed reading your guesses :)

The new Hero will arrive very soon!

Always yours,
Prime World Team