Fact check

18 December 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Common folks whisper that Fire Drake and Kitton are hiding a couple of ancient Blessed chests in their lairs. Until this very day, no one knew how exactly did chests look like, but now...

Don’t miss the chance to obtain this treasure — it is a unique opportunity to get talents, already upgraded up to 10 stars!

Fact check

Only from 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 18 until 12 p.m. UTC+3 January 2, hurry up to check the rumors out and confiscate the Blessed chests from the monsters’ claws! After that the snow will cover everything, you won’t get through… or someone else will claim the treasures :)




  Collect 2.500 achievement points in the Borderlands 10 White Runes

Gather 150.000 Prime in the Borderlands

2 Blessed chests


Slay 15 Kittons/Fire Drakes (max 2 per fight are counted in) in the Borderlands



  • All tasks must be completed in order to receive rewards.
  • You can be completing several tasks during one fight, all of that will be counted in the overall quest progress.
  • In case you change the localization of the game, quest progress will get wiped.

Find the treasures first!

Always yours,
Prime World team