An incredible trick

11 December 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is… well, who cares! What you should know is that a new Hero has come to Praya. And that’s me.

I have an interesting offer for you. I am looking for a Lord or a Lady who will be on the same vibe as me. Someone who will understand me and know my abilities as theirs. I invite you and all the other contenders to one of my shows. I will show the same trick to all of you. The first one to understand how it’s done, who will understand my power, will find a loyal ally in me.

An incredible trick

You arrived at a vast glade. It was a fine day. You sat down on one of the benches standing in rows and began to examine the construction in front of the auditorium.

A long tall column, as thick as Kvasir’s hand, was standing in the center of the glade. At its top, there was a black opaque box. From one side, a ladder was put against it, and from the other one, a plank sticked out, like the one on a pirate ship. A pit was dug right under that plank, fire burned in it, and a giant metal disk is fixed nearby.

A man… with horns (smaller than Hellblade’s and bigger than Soul Catcher daemon’s) went to the crowd. He chose a random person from the auditorium and asked them to stand next to the disk. When the orders were given (which none of the rest heard), the stranger climbed the stairs and entered the black box. In a few seconds, he left it and ran pass the plank, jumping into the fire. Once he hid in the flames, his helper chopped off the brace, and the giant metal disk covered the pit completely.

Less than 3 seconds passed when the Hero stepped on the plank again. He shouted: «The one to tell me how I managed to get back up so fast and unseen will become my Lord.»

You made a rough sketch of the construction and the trick itself on a piece of paper and began to think it all through.


Friends, you have an opportunity to try the new Hero out among the first!

To show perform a trick, the man has definitely used a unique ability. The first 5 Lords or Ladies who will correctly guess what exactly does this ability do will receive the Hero as a gift the day he enters Praya!

Please note!

The answers are accepted only in the comment section under this post until 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 16.

Good luck!

Always yours,
Prime World Team