Gifts for payments!

06 December 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Soon enough, the «Miracle of Faith» event will end. Don’t miss the last chance to receive Blessed chests (inside which you will find 3 talents, already upgraded from 6 to 10 stars) and other useful rewards!

In addition to that, the cunning treasurer promises to present you with several Blessed Chests. But you have to replenish the treasury with sonorous gold coins in return!

Gifts for payments!

Only from 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 6 until 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 9, replenish your account and get valuable Blessed Chests and Prime Crystals!

The gifts will be sent to you not right after you replenish your account, but until
8 p.m. UTC+3 December 10


Amount of Gold


  100-249 gold 75 Prime Crystals

250-499 gold

Blessed Chest


500-749 gold

2 Blessed Chests and 50 Prime Crystals


750-999 gold

3 Blessed Chests and 150 Prime Crystals

1000-1499 gold

4 Blessed Chests and 300 Prime Crystals
  1500 gold and more 8 Blessed Chests and 300 Prime Crystals

Hurry — the treasurer has only a few of Blessed Chests to offer! 

Always yours,
Prime World Team