Whisper of Spirits

03 December 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Soul Catcher hears the whispers of spirits, and sometimes he gets to learn something truly interesting from the dead. This time, they showed him the direction to the treasures of Khr'amins. Only by getting more clues from the spirits, you will be able to find the road to the shrine.

Slay your enemies, invoke their spirits to get more clues, and find the Blessed Chests!

Whisper of Spirits

Only from 12:00 UTC+3 December 3 until 12:00 UTC+3 December 16, weak the spirits up to find the treasures of Khr'amins!

Don’t miss the chance to get Blessed Chests. Inside each one of them, you can find 3 talents, already upgraded from 6 to 10 stars!




  Kill 1500 soldiers in the Borderlands 50 Prime Crystals
  Make 50 kills in the Borderlands 2 Blessed Chests

Deal 150000 damage to enemy Heroes in the Borderlands



  • All tasks must be completed in order to receive rewards.
  • You can be completing several tasks during one fight, all of that will be counted in the overall quest progress.
  • In case you change the localization of the game, quest progress will get wiped.

Find the way to the treasures of Khr'amins!

Always yours,
Prime World Team