Black Friday!

28 November 2019

Lords and Ladies!

In all worlds, at the end of November, a grand sale is taking place — the most global one of the year! Folks wait for it to come for 12 long months, but it is worth it, cause there is no limit to offers’ profitability during this period of time.

Praya is no exception! The merchants have prepared in advance, but there is also someone else willing to offer you something amazing.

5 Heroes for 9 Gold each!

Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 2, hire 5 most recently added Heroes* for 9 Gold each!

Invite Vigilante, Kvasir, Chronicle, Cannoneer, and Stalker to join your squad whilst they have lowered the price of their services!


199 gold/ 9 gold
199 gold/ 9 gold
199 gold/ 9 gold
199 gold/ 9 gold
199 gold/ 9 gold

*Except for Wendigo, since your ministers have not yet managed to convince him to make a discount :)

5 beloved skins for 5 Gold each!

Both Heroes and their alter-egos announced discounted prices on their services — until 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 2, hire 5 most beloved and popular skins for 5 Gold each!

Let Trickster, Twilight Strider, Fire Wyrm, Mistress of Souls, and Night’s Embrace join your battles!


Night’s Embrace
Hero: Faceless / Phantom
99 gold/ 5 gold

Hero: Shadow/Whisp
99 gold / 5 gold
Twilight Wanderer
Hero: Amazon/Archer
69 gold / 5 gold
Fire Wyrm
Hero: Dragonfly / Arcane Wyrm
69 gold / 5 gold
Mistress of Souls
Hero: Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper
99 gold / 5 gold

Black Fair

And now, to the most exciting part — grand sale and special offers at the Fair!

Only from 12 p.m. UTC+3 November 28 until 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 2, all stores at the Fair will be decorated in black, and the price tags will be changed to yellow, making all offers a lot juicier. A new exciting offer is also waiting for your attention :)


Just take a look at this fantasy:

  • All legendary and exclusive chests divided into sets with up to 70% discount!
    • Exclusive chests cost 12-15 crystals instead of 40-50!
    • Legendary chests cost 30-45 crystals instead of 100-150!
  • All talents with up to 90% discount*!
    • Exclusive talents cost 1-2 crystals instead of 6-12!
    • Legendary talents cost 5-8 crystals instead of 55-80!

*Except for talents from Ancient Runes, Dejavu, and Cursed Seal subsets.

  • Assortment renewal will cost you only 1 silver coin;
  • Slots you’ve already purchased from do not burn out!

What is more, there is something brand new you can find at the Fair!

Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 December 2, special Black Friday chests will be waiting for you on the shelves! These chests will be available for purchase only during the grand sale. Black Friday chests cost 100 Gold or 250-300 Prime Crystals.


In one such chest you will find:

  • 5 legendary talents, already upgraded from 6 to 10 stars. One of these talents will be upgraded from 8 to 10 stars!
  • 2 exclusive talents, already upgraded from 6 to 10 stars;
  • Legendary Crystals, Prime Crystals, various resources, and Silver! 

When such offers will be available once again? Noone knows :)

Purchase all you need before it’s too late!

Always yours,
Prime World Team