Update 11.15.2

20 November 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Maintenance is over, and the Heroes are ready to rush into battles!



  1. Global changes (beginning)
  2. Heroes
  3. Talents
  4. New flags!
  5. Champion Rune
  6. Fixes

1. Global changes (beginning)

You know how closely we watch the state of the battlefields, be it the Heroes, talents or the gameplay in general. Lately, we've been noticing a lot how tactical mistakes in current meta often lead to excessively strict and painful penalties. For example, surviving a gank even in the mid game can be extremely difficult if you mispositioned yourself.

That is why we want to introduce several global changes to make the gameplay softer, more comfortable, and clearer in general, including understanding of the Heroes' roles. Of course, the process will be smooth and gradual.


We'll start with the 20% increase of stats and Health growth for all Heroes and all talents.

It will result in increase in the starting Health, growth per level, Heroes' power as well as starting Health and bonuses for upgrades in talents. This will help players to feel more confident during the battle and survive a small mistake or a sudden crit.

We'll make sure to follow closely the impact of this change and, so to speak, have the finger on the pulse.

Moreover, this change is the first but not the last in the sequence of changes, aimed at the gameplay update. For instance, a new power limit has established over the past couple of years, so we are planning to revise the way Penetration and Armor are calculated with the assistance of top players and people who proved themselves in understanding the game mechanics.

Please note! Considering the Health increase, we reduced damage of some abilities that scale from this stat:


Swamp King / Frog Whisperer



  • Now deals 59-477 damage (instead of 67-568).

Dirty, spit it out!

  • Now deals 88-715 damage (instead of 100-852).


Highlander / Immortal


Immortal Spirit

  • The explosion now deals 66-534 damage (instead of 75-636).





  • Now deals 47-381 damage (instead of 53-455).


  • Now deals 64-525 damage (instead of 73-625).


Quarrier / Rumbler



  • Now instantly restores 25-200 Health (instead of 28-239).


  • Now deals 48-395 damage (instead of 55-472).


  • Now deals 117-953 damage (instead of 133-1136).

2. Heroes

Fay / Fairy Queen

An excellent support Hero with damage and shields, she sometimes lacked the mobility to come in her full force.


  • Now increases the Heroine's Speed for 3 seconds (instead of 2).


Vampire/ Dahaka

With everything necessary to win, the Hero turned out overpowered at times — especially when it comes to the coffin.

Bloody Slash

  • The Hero cannot move while he channels the ability.

The Final Drop

  • Now additionally reduces the received damage by 25% when the Hero uses his main ultimate ability. At night, the reduction reaches 35%!

Buried Alive

  • Now channels for 1 second (instead of instant use).
  • The effect now lasts for 4 seconds (instead of 5).

3. Talents

Ancient Secrets

One of the most popular and ambiguous subsets now became clearer and not so essential.

  • The subset effect for 2 talents now activates up to once per 3 seconds.
  • But the amount of restored Health is changed to 50 (instead of 35)

Spatial Distortion and Legendary Corruption

  • Cooldown of both talents is increased to 150 seconds (instead of 120).

4. New Flags!

Recently we held a Halloween contest in our official VK group and today we are glad to show you the flags of our winners!


All flags are available in the Castle for 1 gold coin.

Congratulations to the winners!

5. Champion Rune

Moreover, considering the in-game changes, we updated the builds received by players who use Champion Rune on their favorite Heroes.

The sets themselves contain more legendary talents, including those from the latest subsets.



6. Fixes


  • The Ancient Secrets effect now correctly activates from the Savage Hunt ability;
  • The Curse of Hunger talent now correctly steals stats when scoring unique kills;
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the Chase talent from instant channeling at night;
  • The Nightmare Time ability no longer summons the night for more than 15 seconds;
  • The night summoned by the Nightmare Time ability now correctly ends if the Hero dies;
  • Wendigo's Sharp Bones can no longer trap a target, immune to control;
  • Fixed a situation resulting in incorrect display of Wendigo's Speed at night because of the bonus granted for the second Kitton;
  • Corrected tooltips of the Savage Hunt and Trail of Blood abilities.


  • The aura of the Tower no longer restores Health to non-summoned creatures: Tearaway's Cat Out of the Bag, Nox's cocoons, Wendigo's Bone Traps, S.Putnik's traps, Luna's gates, Woodsman's shrooms.
  • Damage from the Fatal Passion talent now correctly increases when upgraded.
  • It's now possible to pick a glyph that dropped from a large soldier if Defender / Guardian was present in the battle.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the visual distortion around invisible Heroes disappear

Always yours,
Prime World Team