Abrasive Jackpot!

12 November 2019

Lords and Ladies!

After Snowflake made everyone run towards the Fair to ensure the purchase of catalysts, Heroes began asking each other the same question — where can they find abrasives to use catalysts with? Some Heroes had a few abrasives stocked in their storehouses, yet others were left desperate in search of these entities. Merchants decided to help everyone out and put an Abrasive Jackpot on sale!

It was your doing, wasn’t it? That special edict you’ve issued? :)

Abrasive Jackpot!

Only from 12. p.m. (UTC+3) November 12 until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) November 19, — at your request! — merchants are selling Abrasive Jackpots!


They consist of:

  • 3 Medium-quality abrasive (they allow you to upgrade talents up to 6 stars)
  • 2 High-quality abrasive (they allow you to upgrade talents up to 7 stars)
And all these riches — just for 200 Gold!

Don’t miss the chance to get highly desirable abrasives!

Always yours,
Prime World Team