Fire Drake's loot

08 November 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Fire Drake can’t just sit in one place, he likes to take a look beyond his lair and scare bypassers away, enriching his treasury with their goods. They say that a few days ago he attacked a merchant caravan, that was delivering chests with legendary talents to your foe’s Castle.

You were going to teach FIre Drake a lesson (so that he stopped attacking your people), so why wouldn’t you also try to check the rumor out and take the treasures he gained? :)

Fire Drake's loot

Only from 12 p.m. (UTC+3) November 8 until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) November 25, hurry up to Fire Drake’s lair to claim the chests before someone else did so!

Open all the chests! This way you will get 32 already upgraded talents, half of which belongs to the most beloved sets in the game, and Prime Crystals!

  Conditions Rewards


Kill 2 000 soldiers in the Borderlands 30 Prime Crystals
  Collect 2 000 achievement points in the Borderlands 4 Legendary chests with talents, already upgraded to 7 stars
  Slay 20 Kittons/Fire Drakes in the Borderlands 3 Legendary chests with talents from the Legendary Aspects set 
  Gather 250 000 Prime in the Borderlands 2 Legendary chests with talents from the Legendary Events set 
    Summer Chest


  • You need to complete all the tasks in order to get rewards.
  • You can process several tasks during one battle, for example, collect 100 achievement points, kill 50 soldiers, and gather 1 000 Prime. All of the progress made will be counted in the corresponding tasks. 
  • If you switch the client of the game during the completion of the task, the quest progress will get wiped.

Forward into battle!

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