Cursed Treasures

29 October 2019

Lords and Ladies!

They always say that autumn is the witches' season. While commons pickle their harvest, sorceresses amuse themselves as best they could. First they cast a spell on a house, then enchant Leshy, and then start playing catch-up with Fire Drake — that's some fun!

But to do something truly grand — as Lamia told you — they need… pumpkins. It's not quite clear how exactly they are useful in sorcery, but who wants to argue with a witch at her peak of power?

You might have refused to take part in this odd undertaking but the Heroine promised you a whole heap of gifts if you help her with pumpkins. The witch assured you she wouldn't cast any dangerous spells. Besides, the rewards are so bewitching. She secretly made the cursed treasure safe so the new talents now bring nothing but good. How could you miss the chance to obtain them?

Cursed Treasure

The new event works in the same manner as similar previous ones: Nostalgia, Agreement with Leshy, Pirate Adventures, and Master of Alchemy.

From today's morning find pumpkins that Lamia wants so badly among the battle rewards. Why do your enemies even carry them? Seems like they are preparing for Halloween…

As in the previous events, the number of trophies depends on your valor in battle: the more achievement points you score, the higher the chance to receive nice red pumpkins.

Active Golden Age doubles both the number of exclusive rewards and the chances of getting them. You can check how many pumpkins you have obtained in the full-screen interface in the Promotions tab.

The Cursed Treasure event is divided into two parts:


1. Collect 20 Pumpkins and exchange them for one of the following rewards:

  • 5/10 Prime Crystals;
  • 3/5 Legendary Crystals;
  • 30/40 Crystal Shards;
  • The Devilish Guile talent;
  • The Cursed Seal talent;
  • The Monstrous Might talent;
  • The Forbidden Knowledge talent;
  • The Formidable Tenacity talent;
  • The Anxious Spirit talent;

2. The second part is familiar too — collect 40 Pumpkins and one talent and try your luck in winning the super prizes.

  • Medium-quality abrasive that upgrades a talent to 6 stars;
  • High-quality abrasive that upgrades a talent to 7 stars;
  • Weak catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 5%;
  • Basic catalyst that increases the upgrade chance by 10%;
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Cursed Treasure subset, upgraded to 7 stars;
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Cursed Treasure subset, upgraded to 6 stars;
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Cursed Treasure subset;
  • Chest with Prime Crystals (from 50 to 70 Crystals);
  • Chest with Legendary Crystals (from 30 to 50 Crystals);
  • Bag with 40 Pumpkins.

In addition, Pumpkins are already available at the Fair!

  • 100 Pumpkins for 120–150 Prime Crystals.

Happy hunting!

Always yours,
Prime World Team