Starry Fair!

25 October 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Recently, Luna has become some kind of overly thoughtful. They say she is thinking about talents in general: their quantity, quality, and upgrade status. Everything matters in a fight! T

o cheer up the poor lass and make other Heroes happy, too, the merchants have announced discounts on everything that can help them improve their builds: abrasives and catalysts, chests, talents and jackpots!

Starry Fair!

All you need to upgrade your Heroes’ builds! Only relevant and useful goods! Only from 12 p.m. UTC+3 October 25 until 12 p.m. UTC+3 October 28, a grand sale will take place at the Fair:

  • No resources! Only the most valuable items remain at the Fair - jackpots, chests, talents, crystals, abrasives, and catalysts. Only the items you need to improve your favorite Hero’s build!
  • Various jackpots, useful for upgrading and renewing talents; Prime Crystals jackpot, Legendary Crystals jackpot, 15 upgraded talents jackpot, and a BRAND NEW JACKPOT — with talents effective for upgrading!

Please keep in mind that during the sale, jackpot drop chance is lower than usual.

  • 50% discount on all legendary and exclusive set chests!
  • 90% discount on all legendary talents (except for the Dejavu subset talents)!
  • x3 abrasives and catalysts (materials needed for upgrading talents up to 6 and 7*) drop chance!
  • Slots you’ve already purchased from do not burn out, and the assortment renewal costs 1000 Silver only.

Make sure to purchase all the starry goods you need!

Always yours,
Prime World Team