Dark Angel’s offer

16 October 2019

Lords and Ladies!

They say that all the true angels who returned to Praya are creatures woven of light itself; that there is no place for pain, anger, and other negative feelings in their hearts. But this is not the truth. Defender and Guardian found their lost sister next to the swamp in the middle of the forest a few decades years ago. And there was only hatred left in her, nothing more.

Many years have passed before light returned to her thoughts. Now, only the black wings remind of Dark Angel’s past. To honor the anniversary of the day she finally got rid of all the terrible thoughts that haunted her, today she is willing to put a discount on her services for you!

Dark Angel skin at a discounted price!

Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 October 21, purchase the Dark Angel skin for Defender/Guardian with a discount!

Dark Angel
Original Hero: Defender/Guardian
Features: unique voice-over
69 19 gold

And let peace finally reign under the shadow of her ashy wings...

Always yours,
Prime World Team