Unique offer

14 October 2019

Dear friends!

As you know, we follow closely all your comments on our website and social media. Recently we've been getting a lot of requests about a possibility to lower the rating — either permanently or once, on a player's request.

Today we want to reply to those players who feel uncomfortable in their current rating position and create a temporal possibility to go one title (or some titles) down.

Unique offer!

Only for one week, till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) October 21, take your chance and lower the rating!

To do so, go to the Billing & Payment section -> pick Create a ticket about any other problem with payment operations, and indicate a Hero (or Heroes) whose rating you'd like to lower.


The rating will drop by 100 points within 48 hours from the moment you submit the ticket.

Please note: the corresponding sum in Gold will be charged from your account when the rating is lowered. If you don't have enough Gold, the ticket will be declined and the next one will get to the end of the line.

Cost of rating drop:

  • 1 Hero — 19 Gold
  • 3 Heroes — 49 Gold
  • 5 Heroes — 79 Gold
  • 10 Heroes — 149 Gold

If you wish to lower the rating by more than 100 points, make sure to mention it in the ticket. In this case, the cost will change accordingly: take 200 points from one Hero for 38 Gold, 300 points for 57 Gold, and so on.

Seize your chance to play in the desirable rating!

Always yours
Prime World Team