Blinding weekend!

04 October 2019

Lords and ladies!

Royal astrologists witnessed a magnificent event recently — a solar eclipse. It was so mesmerizing and impressive that when the sun rays lightened the Castle once again, they began enchanting everything they could touch. So, enlivened astrologists predicted the weekend of the Golden Age (which began to shine in a different way after all of their manipulations)!

By taking a look at their hyperactive ‘neighbours’, the blacksmiths decided not to stay aside and please their Lords and Ladies, too. They proclaimed discounts on unbinding talents!

Golden Age - even more profitable!

Only from 12 p.m. UTC+3 October 4 until 12 p.m. UTC+3 October 7, purchase Golden Age and receive +100% of its duration as a gift!

  • 45 Gold = 3 days of Golden Age + 3 days of Golden Age as a gift!
  • 79 Gold = 7 days of Golden Age + 7 days of Golden Age as a gift!
  • 199 Gold = 30 days of Golden Age + 30 days of Golden Age as a gift!

And even the Golden Age bonus is tripled during this weekend!

  • Get x3 (instead of x2) experience, resources, and season points! *
  • Collect x3 (instead of x2) resources from industrial buildings in your Castle!

*Please note that the bonus does not apply to the first victory of the day.

Talent unbinding sale!

Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 October 7, unbind talents with a discount!

  • Unbind exclusive talents for 3 Prime Crystals instead of 5!
  • Unbind legendary talents for 3 Gold instead of 5!

Use this weekend’s offers to your advantage!

Always yours,
Prime World team