Trickster’s tricks

03 October 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Something weird is going on around the hostile camp lately. First, they found lifeless lookouts on the towers, then someone had card hallucinations or shouted in terror how they lost all the money. You instructed Shadow to find out who was working in the enemy camp. Nimble and agile, she was to quickly learn what was happening and do it unnoticed. Also, if successful, she might even persuade the troublemaker to join you.

It turned out all these troubles were caused by Trickster, an old buddy of Shadow. They taunted the enemies little more and then talked all night about the days of old. In the morning Trickster offered you his service for a much lower price — simply because Shadow told him you are cool.

Discount on the Trickster skin

Only for four days — until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) October 7, — accept Trickster's offer and hire him for 29 Gold!

Hero: Shadow / Whisp
Special features: gender change, new voice-over, new effects
99 29 gold

Will you try to beat Trickster at cards or just send him to play with enemies only? :)

Always yours,
Prime World Team