Update 11.15

02 October 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Maintenance is over, the Heroes are ready to welcome Wendigo and rush into Season battles!

Dark fall, the mysterious and beautiful season. No wonder the main night when evil spirits and the undead are going on the spree is in fall! Dark and mystic things are little by little filling Praya. The first of them is already approaching the gate of your Castle…



New Season

The most dangerous season in Praya starts — Season of Carnage!

Learn more about the season in this news.

Herald of Doom is already standing at your gate…

New Hero

Having satisfied his hunger for a short while, horrifying Wendigo crept to your Castle. Are you ready to test his might in battle?



There are three ways of hiring Wendigo, just like with all new Heroes:

  • Complete a 7-day quest chain and hire him for 750,000 Silver. The first quest is already available and the last one will open on October 9. Upon completing the last task, you will see a quest where you’ll be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • A usual way of hiring (purchase for Silver without completing the quest) will become available on October 16 for all players with the 25+ Castle level.
  • Also, you can hire Wendigo right now for 299 Gold.

With the release of the new Hero, Vigilante’s price was reduced to 500,000 Silver or 199 Gold.

Please note!

The victories scored with the new Hero won’t be counted in the Talent Collection quests that you activated before the update.

Main Building

In the current meta, the most important building on the map was not protected enough — both in general cases as well as backdoors.

  • With 11.15 Update, the Main Building receives a special shield equal to 30% of its maximum Health.
  • Additionally, the shield regenerates completely if the Building takes no damage over 30 seconds.


More convenient and informative interface.

  • Now, the replays on the list are sorted by date. They don't shift their position on the list after every battle.
  • Replays no longer disappear from the list if you change the Hero's skin.
  • Replays list now shows statistics for every battle: kills, deaths, and assists.

Talent Collection

  • All Legendary Events talents are now available in the Collection quests.
  • We also moved the subset from the collectible talents tab to common legendary talents.



There is a special quest waiting for you in the Castle. In exchange for 1 food, you will be able to obtain 3 white runes.

Take note: the quest will disappear at 12 p.m. UTC+3 October 14.


Unlike most bot lane Heroes, Wanderer was lacking a reliable massive control effect for team fights. That is why we slightly changed his alternative ultimate to give him an opportunity to have a higher impact in the late game.

Defender’s Oath

  • The area that the Hero creates now immobilizes the enemies inside.

Circle of Life

  • The talent upgrade will restore 74–298 Health (based on Intellect) per second to allies in the area and increase their Stamina and Will by 8–31 (based on Intellect).



The explosive Heroine sometimes depended too much on her ultimate abilities and chose her tactics accordingly. We are adding some variability.

  • Basic Energy regeneration is reduced by 0.5.

Deadly Blade

  • Now, increases the damage of the ultimate abilities by 25% (instead of 33%).

Undying Flame

  • Now triggers from both common attacks and Splitting Strike.
  • Damage per stack is increased to 3–29 (from 2–23) per second.
  • We also made the description of the talent clearer.



Small adjustments to the threatening female warrior…


Appetite for Revenge

  • Range of the ability is reduced by 14%.


  • Now additionally fills the Anger scale.


Fallen Lord

…and for the threatening male warrior.

  • Basic Energy regeneration is reduced by 0.5.

Wave of Blades

  • Energy Cost is reduced to 90 (from 100).

Battle Order

  • Energy Cost is reduced to 110 (from 120).


  • Cooldown is reduced to 110 seconds (from 130).


Blade Master / Sesha

Despite the high values of Will per level, the Hero sometimes had trouble resisting his skillful opponents.

Snake's Resilience

  • Now reduces the damage dealt by talents by 20% (instead of 15%).


Priestess / Healer

The combination of her abilities and their upgrades turned out to be too overpowered.


Land’s Aegis

  • Now blocks one control effect (instead of 2).

Triumph of Life

  • Cooldown is reduced to 130 seconds (from 160).



Tactical realization of the gates in some game scenarios was not effective enough.

Astral Gates

  • Cooldown is reduced to 1 second (from 2 seconds);
  • Cooldown upon explosion is reduced to 8 seconds (from 10).


Brawler / Meijin

On the contrary, Brawler's second ultimate was too effective, especially in the early game.


  • Now has a limit of 58–506 damage (based on Strength); after that, the target cleanses the stun effect. This way, the duration of stun can be reduced.


Maiden / Nymph

A combination of her abilities was giving the Heroine a great advantage in the early game. Yet the realization was too difficult at times.

Shield of Purity

  • The Heroine's Stamina now increases only on Native Terrain.
  • Additionally, the enemies who attack the Heroine always take damage.
  • This damage was reduced to 7–49 (from 7–66).

Shield of Innocence

  • Now doubles the Shield of Purity damage only on Native Terrain.

Power Balance

  • Bonus Speed on Native Terrain is now provided by the upgrade — Balance Shift.


  • Now affects only allies and gives no bonus stats to the Heroine herself.


Blind Seer

This excellent tactical subset was hardly meeting the competition with newer ones — it's a rare case to have some space in the build for three tactical talents in the first rows.

So we reworked the mechanics of the subset.

  • You can now use the active talent of the subset with only 2 talents learned (instead of 3).
  • Additionally, you can reveal a particular Hero — just point on them or their portrait. The revealed Hero cannot become invisible or hide in the fog of war for 8 seconds.
  • Three talents allow you to use the active talent on an allied Hero revealing the closest enemy to that Hero.

Cunning of the Seer

  • required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • increases the Hero's Cunning by 13.

New talent: Agility of the Seer

  • required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • increases the Hero's Agility by 13.

Champion’s Tribute

Defensive subsets should be more accessible in a number of situations.

  • Cooldown of the active talent is reduced to 90 seconds (from 240)
  • Additionally, the damage taken from Towers and the Main Building is reduced when the active talent is on.

Way of Dragon

The random control effect mechanics was not completely clear for players.

  • Now the enemies near the Hero who is transforming back from the dragonling form get blinded for 2 seconds (instead of receiving a random control effect).

Untamed Fury

To cancel the teleport completely and force the enemy team to wait for three minutes turned out to be too much for a single talent.

  • The talent still cancels channeling teleportation but the cooldown of the ability is changed to 20 seconds (from 210).

Legendary Liberation

No time to explain — just have a look!

  • Cooldown is increased to 130 seconds (instead of 90).

Curse of Terror

The active effect of the talent is pretty good even by itself, and even more so in combination with the main stat. That is why we slightly reduced the passive bonus to stats.

  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 7.2 (instead of 10).


Cooldown change for a number of talents


Absolute Barrier

  • Cooldown changed to 100 seconds (from 140)

Force Fury

  • Cooldown changed to 120 seconds (from 150)

Hidden Intention

  • Cooldown changed to 130 seconds (from 150)


  • Cooldown changed to 100 seconds (from 140)

Dimensional Gate

  • Cooldown changed to 120 seconds (from 180)

Curse of Curses

  • Cooldown changed to 115 seconds (from 150)

Sense of Moment

  • Cooldown changed to 110 seconds (from 180)

Explosive Illusion

  • Cooldown changed to 120 seconds (from 150)

Healing Pillar

  • Cooldown changed to 90 seconds (from 240)

Destroyer's Might

  • Cooldown changed to 180 seconds (from 240)

Stargazer’s Disgrace

  • Cooldown changed to 120 seconds (from 180)

Dense Prison

  • Cooldown changed to 150 seconds (from 180)

Gift of Nature

  • Cooldown changed to 90 seconds (from 180)

Falcon Eye

  • Cooldown changed to 120 seconds (from 180)

Crow Cover

  • Cooldown changed to 120 seconds (from 180)

Déjà Vu

  • Cooldown changed to 120 seconds (from 150)

Spirit Renewal

  • To learn the talent now requires 1600 Prime (instead of 2000)


  • Fixed an issue which caused players of both teams to experience troubles with ping when a surrender voting was launched.
  • The Deadly Dangerous ability now correctly reduces the cooldown of Desperado's Shootout when the enemy leaves the attack range.
  • The Archaic Runes subset now properly increases the duration of Invisibility and Refresh Glyphs.
  • Chronicle's Aegis of Time now triggers from Brawler's / Meijin's Puncher ultimate.
  • The Reserved Regeneration talent now correctly increases stats.
  • S.Putnik's Guarding the Borders no longer affects several surrounding Heroes.
  • A Hero transformed into a dragonling can no longer die from an enemy's attack while transforming back

Known issues

  • Herald of Doom's portrait is currently displayed without animation.

Always yours,
Prime World Team