Alchemic Chests!

25 September 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Alchemists decided to engage more people in their craft. To draw attention, they rented a stall at the Fair for a week and started attracting visitors by their amazing tricks. Let's be honest, fire under water is an enchanting sight indeed!

Also, those wishing can buy a nice souvenir chest as a keepsake. Inside, they will find everything a true alchemist needs: talents from the Master of Alchemy subset, already upgraded to 6 and 7 stars!

Alchemic Chests at the Fair!

For the whole week, until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) October 2, look for legendary chests at the Fair with 6–7* talents from the Master of Alchemy collectible subset!


The chests will cost:

  • 70–100 Prime Crystals for a 6* chest;
  • 90–110 Prime Crystals for a 7* chest;

Becoming a master of alchemy has never been easier!

Always yours,
Prime World team