Autumn price fall

20 September 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The autumn season has come unexpectedly forcing us to muffle up in warm clothes and drink more tea. Tree leaves are gradually changing their color, and this marvelous natural phenomenon inspired Prayan merchants to cheer up the people, hidden in their cozy houses, with incredible discounts!

But there is more to find at the Fair! Merchants have another ace in the hole — it guarantees you won't leave the Fair empty-handed!

Hurry up to the Fair where prices — just like the foliage — changed their color! Find talents, chests, Jackpots, and… something special.

Autumn price fall

From 12 p.m. (UTC+3) September 20 until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) September 23, find a number of attractive offers at the Fair:

  • 70% off all exclusive and legendary talents!
  • All possible chests at the Fair — with a 70% discount too!
  • Jackpot with 15 talents, already upgraded to 6–7*!
  • Silver Jackpot!
  • No tiresome special talents or resources — only the most valuable, shining, and luring goods!

Novelty at the Fair

So what did the merchants prepare for you?

We were following closely your feedback to abrasives and catalysts: you gladly welcomed the possibility to upgrade talents for your favorite Heroes to 6–7*. We announced three special quests so that you can try out the new upgrading feature yourself. The quests became available one by one from August till September. By the way, the last one begun most recently so hurry up to complete it! The rewards are even juicier than before :)

Besides, we put abrasives and catalysts in the rewards of the Nostalgia event. This way, most active players managed to make their favorite Heroes mightier.

Yet many of you asked us to add new upgrading materials to the Fair since you'd like to have even more abrasives and catalysts. We decided to fulfill your wish: only till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) September 23, look for abrasives and catalysts on the shelves of the Fair! Seize the opportunity to upgrade your favorite Hero's build to 6–7 stars with the help of the new rare materials!

Become stronger!

  Item Price
  Medium-quality abrasive 70-130 Prime Crystals
  High-quality abrasive 170-230 Prime Crystals
  Weak catalyst

30-60 Prime Crystals

  Basic catalyst

50-80 Prime Crystals

  Powerful catalyst 70-100 Prime Crystals

Such a riot of colors at the Fair can cure any autumn melancholy!

Always yours,
Prime World Team